or 'Kid Flash seducing Robin and failing.'

Warning: Contains lame pick up lines and full of crackilicious crack.

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Jan 21

Permanent Hiatus (until further notice)

Sorry, I no longer have the diligence to continue this blog.

I was gonna be a wimp and just never update without an explanation but I think I owe you all that much to understand I won’t be doing any more comic strips.

I seriously owe all of you an apology. I really do.  I promised to be on this ship for a long time and now I’m breaking that promise. 

I wish I was more motivated to continue. But everytime I have to transfer my drawings between computers (because Paint Sai is for PCs and my Photoshop is on a mac), I get demotivated. Especially when Paint Sai crashes and I don’t save the comic strip, I want to chuck my graphics tablet out the window. 

But I’m seriously happy that you all followed me up until now.

I don’t deserve you guys. That’s why I’m so so so sorry. 

God I feel horrible but it was inevitable. 

I’ll leave this blog for sourcing purposes.

I’m really sorry. This fandom is the best and funnest fandom I’ve ever been in. But I think from now on, I’m going to stop doing any fanart (until Paint Sai or a good alternative can be used on macs).


Sorry :( I really am sorry. 

Jan 10

Short Hiatus. Be back in a week?

 Not sure. 

I’ve been having this plot bunny chewing on my brain for the past week. I want to take the time to flesh the story out. Given my past failures in executing plot bunnies, however, I will be back in no more than two weeks, don’t worry!

Sorry I won’t update. On the upside though, … … Yeah there’s no upside to this. Please take my crappy excuse anyway? :)


Jan 6
Kudos to oz-xiii for the line :)

Kudos to oz-xiii for the line :)

shadowyin-yang said: I passed by a couple of these comics before but never looked at the source but I should've! I love all of these!

Muahahaha got lured into my domain, didn’t you? Got curious about the source, didn’t you? Although my URL is pretty self explanatory haha.
Thank you! I can’t find a hugging gif so have this:

Jan 2
Line thanks to Anon :)

Line thanks to Anon :)

Dec 30

Dec 25
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Dec 24


Dec 22
Pickup line kudos to Anon :)

Pickup line kudos to Anon :)

dark-wolf-grayson said: Hi! My Friends and I love your comic strips so much! so we did some of them in live action ^^ they're on YouTube! (i can't add links) i hope you don't mind us using them ^^

I don’t mind at all! I’m flattered that you guys are bothered to do this :)

I just searched it up and omg you two are so adorable asdfghjkl; 

If anyone is interested, here’s darkwolfgrayson’s Youtube channel: Link 

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